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Algorand 3.13.1

pre-release9 months ago

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Deprecated v1 REST API endpoints are now removed (all v1 endpoints). Documentation on our v2 REST API endpoints can be found here. The release also contains performance enhancements to logic signature processing, improved telemetry, a new automated goal subcommand to delete partkeys, and other minor performance and usability improvements.

What's New


Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

New Features

  • Goal: account deletepartkey subcomand (#4788)
  • Ledger Deltas: AccountDelta retrieval through ledger/catchup service (#4658)


  • Algod: Delete deprecated cost field in dyrun response and mapping field in sourcemap (#4875)
  • Algod: Sunset v1 handlers (#4847)
  • Performance: Implement sync.Pool for cow.child() (#4766)
  • Teal: optimize CheckSignature (#4893)
  • Txhandler: metrics for txpool.Remember (#4839)
  • Txhandler: early duplicates detection (#4806)
  • Txhandler: upgraded benchmarks (#4834)
  • Catchpoint: Promote trie-related log warnings to error (#4882)
  • Updater: use more-recent installer package (#4734)
  • Docker: General purpose docker container. (#4816)
  • Metrics: split alive check counter between early/dead (#4898)
  • Metrics: update some new metric names (#4899)
  • Metrics: add counters for checkAlreadyCommitted, split "InLedger" counters by reason (#4881)
  • Ledger: add context to block mismatch error in VerifyCatchpoint (#4821)
  • Goal: Test ABI reference arguments during creation (#4872)
  • Node: Fix disabled node tests (#4824)
  • Testing: defi txn group benchmark (#4886)
  • Tests: Extend TestCatchpointAfterTxns to catch catchpoint write corruption (#4818)
  • Langspec: adding version to langspec (#4883)
  • Docs: update API docs, remove unused codegen configs (#4896)


  • Bug-fix: upgrade AVM-abi (#4838)
  • Catchpoint: Fix broken merge between #4818 and #4835 (#4840)
  • Ci: Fix some details around the hashKind -> HashKind change (#4865)
  • Prefetcher: preallocate aligned groupTasks in groupsReady (#4876)
  • Bug fix: 64-bit alignment of groupTasks (#4876)

Not Yet Enabled

  • Rest API: make the data endpoints public (#4900)

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