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Algorand BetaNet 3.11.1

11 months ago

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When an account had many resources, it could break catching up from a catchpoint. This release fixes this issue.

What's New

  • Bug fix for catchpoint catchup
  • Fix for garbage collection in batch verifier
  • Other small enhancements and fixes



  • Pingpong: add genaccountsoffset flag and tool to print test account addresses (#4628)
  • V1 Deprecation: Remove algod and kmd client affinity and consolidate APIs to use newest version (#4641)


  • Batchverifier: preserve the memory until the end (#4672)
  • Catchpoints: don't make duplicate account hashes in prepareNormalizedBalances (#4668)
  • Pingpong: fix config check for GeneratedAccountsMnemonics (#4662)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

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