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Algorand BetaNet 2.9.0

2 years ago

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This is a maintenance release focused around many test improvements and other optimizations.


    • Bug Fix
      • Use strict json encoder to correctly encode maps with numeric fields in REST API v2 endpoints
  2. TEAL
    • New Feature
      • cover opcode: "remove top of stack, and place it down the stack such that N elements are above it"
      • uncover opcode: "remove the value at depth N in the stack and shift above items down so the Nth deep value is on top of the stack"
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fix extraProgramPages: Looks up the actual application ExtraProgramPages when not updating and uses the stored value
  3. Ledger
    • Enhancements
      • Replace Balances.PutWithCreatable() to new functions that notify the COW that a creatable was created or deleted.
      • Add a public Eval() function for indexer
  4. Node
    • Bug Fixes
      • Disable networking on devmode
  5. Metrics
    • Bug Fix
      • Remove Gauge timeout
  6. Tests
    • Enhancements
      • Added test partitioning to long-running tests
      • Add report line about txn pool fullness
      • Add codec_tester
    • Bug Fixes
      • fix TestVoteAggregatorBundles
  7. Other
    • New Features
      • Add builds, build tests, and integrations tests in CircleCI.
    • Enhancements
      • Update our template for new Issues
      • Enable ineffassign linter
      • Remove old msgp 1.1.47 code from go.mod/go.sum
      • Implement partitiontest_linter
      • Update to install system.json

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

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