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Algorand v2.1.4

3 years ago

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  • Fix for "ran out of time for round" issue
  • Fix for ARM32 memory panic
  • Other tests and fixes


  1. General
    • New Feature - add simple support for Merkle trees over dense arrays
    • Enhancement - update golang version to latest 1.14.7
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fix 64bit alignment for feePerByte causing memory panic error on ARM32
      • Avoid "ran out of time for round" issue
      • Fix accounting bug in page loading
  2. Config
    • Enhancement - update CatchpointInterval config comment
  3. KMD
    • Bug Fix - decrease mutex critical section time in kmd CreateWallet to fix rare deadlock on slow systems (#1402)
  4. Network
    • New Feature - add an API for using MsgOfInterest messages
  5. Tools
    • New Feature - add Rekeying support to pingpong utility
  6. Tests
    • Enhancements
      • Add e2e tests for the /v2/assets/{id} endpoint
      • Add a test for goal app --app-account flag
      • Add expect test that combines teal and stateful teal apps in a single group transaction
      • Adding test for parseStringLiteral cases \r and \\
  7. Other
    • Bug Fixes
      • Allow algorand-indexer to be installed alongside other packages
      • Exclude "beta" dir from sync to s3
      • Dynamically install deb package in legacy pipeline
      • check return code of dpkg-query show-format query in apt preinstall script

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a consensus protocol upgrade.

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