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Algorand Betanet v2.1.2

3 years ago

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Bug fixes and enhancements. Note that there is a one time long startup time to re-encode the accounts database, which will take a few minutes to complete.


  1. General
    • Bug Fixes
      • update the suggested fee mechanism to meet the current transaction pool fee structure (#1376)
      • eliminate nil map entries on Merkle trie cache
  2. Config
    • New Feature - add optional startup vacuuming for the balances database
  3. Ledger
    • Enhancements
      • improve client-side catchpoint catchup performance
      • add vacuumming to the database upgrade process
    • Bug Fixes
      • listCreatablesStmt is selecting 3 columns instead of 2
      • avoid using encodedAccountsRange and replace with a single query
      • extend ledger request timeout
      • avoid redundant info message for replacing block 0
  4. Tools
    • Enhancement - fetch balance from indexer for tealdbg
  5. Tests
    • Enhancements
      • e2e test: create+delete create+clear in 1 tx
      • add some minimal documentation for the test directory
      • REST API test script for /v2/applications
      • added TestListCreatables to test ListAssets and ListApplications
    • Bug Fix - fix failing rekey test by keeping account total < 1 algo
  6. Other
    • Enhancements
      • update mule package deploy to use new agents syntax
      • remove go version from Travis file (#1253)
    • Bug Fix - fix Makefile to work with Ubuntu 20.04

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a consensus protocol upgrade.

Other Notes

A database migration is included this release, which will add a one-time startup delay of around three minutes. This is for re-encoding of the accounts database, if needed. Note: the database schema will remain compatible with the previous release. Please plan your upgrade accordingly.

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