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Algorand v2.0.6

3 years ago

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  1. Network
    • Phonebook refactoring
    • Support DNSSEC for SRV records lookup
    • Add Message Of Interest support for network library
    • Active node disconnection
    • Add rate limited transport for all the outgoing connections
    • Add support for multiple network protocols
  2. Agreement
    • Change Ensure digest to run asynchronously
    • Security fix
  3. Catchup
    • Move fetcher client into the catchup
  4. Goal
    • Support older kernels for locking files
    • tealsign allows you to easily sign data to be verified by the ed25519verify TEAL opcode
  5. Ledger
    • Actively scan for ledger devices
    • Normalize name across platforms
    • Improved error handling
  6. Other
    • Add configurable consensus protocol support
    • Tunable upgrade window
    • Bug fix - t.Parallel was getting called multiple times in the same test
    • Add e2e test for upgrading from v21 to v22
    • Fix TestStoppedCatchupOnUnsupported test bug
    • Misc other bug fixes

Protocol Upgrade

This release contains a consensus protocol upgrade, which implements the following spec:

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