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Algorand BetaNet v2.0.10

3 years ago

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  1. Security

    • Disable pprof endpoints by default
  2. Rest API

    • Make graceful exit of a node that is waiting for WaitForBlock call
    • Avoid waiting for block that won't be reached due to unsupported protocol upgrade.
  3. Goal

    • Fix concurrent access to wallet handles cache in goal
    • Improve lockFile error handling
    • Updates to the goal node status to report unsupported protocol upgrade
    • Interconnect relays on a locally deployed network
  4. Catchup

    • Avoid making catchup requests for expected unsupported protocol blocks
    • Move EnsureDigest logic into the catchup service
  5. Telemetry & Logging

    • Optionally write telemetry as info log
    • Avoid starting the Telemetry service when its not configured to run
    • Use service-wide logger instead of logging.Base() in agreement
    • Improve algons error logging - include request body
  6. Testing

    • Two fixes to basicCatchup_test: cloned node not stopped and env var conflict
    • Add an e2e test for catchup service stop on unsupported protocol version
    • Relax StartNetwork regex
    • Execute e2e tests one at a time on arm64
    • Fail e2e-go tests when node panics
    • Run compiled binaries on various linux platforms after build
  7. Platform

    • Avoid upgrading boost on travis Mac builds
    • Make ARM64 build mandatory
    • Binaries compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 would statically link
  8. Agreement

    • Bugfix: Fix last relevant proposal period in agreement protocol
  9. Misc

    • Update copyright to use date range
    • Goal docs tweaks
    • Faster stringer implementation for Address
    • Add support for automated build system

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a consensus protocol upgrade.

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