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8 months ago

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This release adds a signature to the checksum file to help verify the integrity of a build.

  1. Install the Algorand signing key from or . Using GnuPG this is done with the following command:

    gpg --keyserver --search-keys

  2. Refresh keys if necessary. In the event of a security breech, we will revoke the key. To account for this, simply refresh the key:

    gpg --refresh-keys --keyserver

  3. Download checksums.txt.sig and checksums.txt and verify the signature:

    gpg --verify checksums.txt.sig checksums.txt

  4. Download one or more release archives and verify the checksum:

    sha256sum -c < checksums.txt


  • 71b9b2e Add gpg signature to checksum file. (#150)
  • 0752d23 ci: fix release notes template formatting. (#148)

Full Changelog: v1.4.0...v1.5.0

Docker images for this release are available on Docker Hub.

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