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13 months ago


This release adds a number of usability and stability improvements.

algod importer

The follower node is now completely managed by the importer plugin. It will automatically set the initial sync round and has the option of automatically running a fast catchup. See conduit list importer algod for details.

postgresql exporter

The initial round is now automatically set according to the latest round in your Indexer DB. This is built using the a new RoundRequestor interface available to plugin developers.

Docker support

We are now publishing a docker image! See the algorand/conduit page on docker hub for details.


  • 442791a algod importer: Add catchup functionality to algod importer (#32)
  • 4228b20 algod importer: Fix archival mode and update tests. (#57)
  • f654b12 docker: Add docker to the release pipeline (#50)
  • d523bc4 docker: data dir & user permissions, install ca-certificates, better data dir location, more. (#58)
  • 37b9b6a init: write config to stdout when data dir is not provided. (#47)
  • 0fb5730 pipeline: RoundRequest plugin hook and postgres round request. (#52)

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