github algorand/conduit v1.0.0

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15 months ago


  • f5c2701 Automation things: codecov, linting, github, circleci, etc. (#2)
  • c22990e Implement Conduit
  • f8222b6 Initial e2e test commit (#12)
  • 3c92877 conduit-docs: (#10)
  • 4179564 errors(postgresql): Clarify missing ledger state delta message. (#6)
  • 0e39f88 errors(postgresql): Reject blocks with unknown protocol version. (#15)
  • 9c7f525 filter plugin: include all transaction in group (#5)
  • dfab75d logging(algod importer): better error messages for GetBlock. (#8)
  • b94fe04 postgres exporter: Add export stat log message matching the old log format.
  • c15d7ab release: Goreleaser configuration and automation. (#18)
  • dbf9f0c remove a comment (#13)
  • 23eabcc tests: Get them pasing. (#1)
  • a0a6f98 usability: Better error messages and documentation. (#20)

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