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Settings Overhaul

latest release: 0.4.0
18 months ago

Settings Changes

This new release of Mixture brings a whole new settings system for the graph. It is a lot more flexible and easy to use than before.

Here's a view of the new settings:

The toolbar was improved with a global setting button to configure the default node settings and the size + dimension of the texture were moved to the middle of the toolbar to be more accessible.

For the node settings, there is now 3 inherit mode: Parent, Child and Graph which helps you control how the node will react.

  • When the node is in Inherit From Parent mode, it will take the settings of the first node connected to its inputs.
  • For the Inherit From Child it's the first node connected to the output of the node.
  • And finally for the Inherit from Graph, it takes directly the value in the graph settings (toolbar).

There is also a Width/Height/Depth scale parameter to modify the inherited size of the node, the default value is 1 (center of the slider) so it doesn't affect anything.

Everything else

You can see the complete changelog here:

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