github alelievr/Mixture 0.2.0
Quality of Life

latest releases: 0.4.0, 0.3.0, 0.2.3...
20 months ago



  • Improved Generate MipMaps node (added a mode to select which kind of mipmap generation you want + a custom option with a shader)
  • The custom mipmap shader option was removed from the output node settings, but now if an input texture has mipmaps and the mipmaps are enabled on the output, they are copied (instead of being re-generated by the output node).
  • Added the possibility to have custom mipmap for 3D and Cubemap textures with the Generate MipMap node directly connected to the Output.
  • Improved the support of 3D texture preview in the node inspector, now volumetric and SDF views are available.
  • Renamed Mesh to UDF node into Mesh to SDF and added an option enabled by default to generate SDF from meshes.

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