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8 months ago

v4.7.3 (2023-09-29)


  • build: fix precommit ignore (ca05a0a)

  • build: ignore spelling (a5be5c7)

  • build: update precommit (823e952)


  • docs: update localization (3bc121c)


  • fix: add http2 push to replace websocket

This should restore push updates.

Also includes dependency updates.

closes #1953
closes #1976
closes #1967 (a3dde7f)


  • Merge pull request #2041 from custom-components/dev

chore: release 2023-09-29 (5833acc)

  • Merge pull request #2040 from alandtse/dev

fix: add http2 push to replace websocket (cfc723d)

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