github alandtse/alexa_media_player v2.3.3

latest releases: v4.10.0, v4.9.2, v4.9.1...
4 years ago


  • remove unnecessary refresh (a3fec94)
  • account for apps in existing_serials (e9b3ec9)
  • enable refresh polling if no PUSH_AUDIO_PLAYER_STATE (e3795b6)
  • add processing of PUSH_MEDIA_PROGRESS_CHANGE (2b4a9bb)
  • add processing of PUSH_EQUALIZER_STATE_CHANGE (c123226)
  • change availability when websocket detected (9ee9f87)
  • fix seen_command testing for manual refresh (d4ce25a)
  • replace non-async configurator call (9e53465)

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