github alandtse/alexa_media_player v2.3.0

latest releases: v4.10.0, v4.9.2, v4.9.1...
4 years ago


  • add clear_history service (ecbc8b6)
  • add logic to catch login errors (6633598)
  • add basic notifications sensors (465b2ca) (resolves #144)


  • bump alexapy to 1.3.1 (f8ea48b)
  • update to alexapy 1.3.0 (64c5d8f) (fixes #387)
  • update hacs.json for sensor domain (0396a55)
  • align shuffle property with HA (0b9bc3c)
  • add media_image_remotely_accessible property (0881046)
  • catch keyerror on update (29e98c1)
  • add websocket updates for notifications (e0b8dc3)
  • catch KeyError for last_called (5db0706)
  • catch connection errors in config_flow and inform user (ef06760)
  • prompt for login on disconnect (cb3a8fb)
  • fix bug where unable to relogin using configurator (81a7127)
  • fix bug where import configuration not resumed (6579b6f)
  • fix keyerror when unloading with no loaded entities (d4b09ce)


  • replace with canonical text (cdb9f13)

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