github alandtse/alexa_media_player v1.2.2
1.2.2 03/17/2019

latest releases: v4.10.0, v4.9.2, v4.9.1...
5 years ago


  • Fix bug where emulated_hue and other smart home device routines failed. (resolves #123)
  • Fix bug where Alexa devices that came online later were not properly updated. (resolves #125)


  • Add websocket support (resolves #119) - This allows us to remove most polling and rely on push notifications from Amazon. This also means that media_players should update regardless of how or where you interact with them as last_called should update immediately. As a result alexa_media.update_last_called service may no longer be required. Prior polling methods remain as a fallback mechanism if websocket can't connect which may be based on region. No additional configuration is needed.
  • Update to alexapy 0.4.0 (websocket support)
  • Remove alexapy submodule from repo

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