github alandtse/alexa_media_player v1.1.0

latest releases: v4.10.1, v4.10.0, v4.9.2...
5 years ago


Custom_updater support (resolve #58)
alexa_media.update_last_called service to allow manual update of last_called (resolve #83)

Entry too long database errors (resolve #88)
Display of media position while playing (resolve #91)
Routines failing if only one step or presence of non_utterance routines (resolve #90)
Configurator failure if no verification options available (resolve #101)
TTS failure with multiple accounts (resolve #86)
Configurator only able to configure one account per restart (resolve #98)
Multiple last_called devices for same account (resolve #97)

Additional polling on detection of a voice event to handle case where command would be to play on other devices
More debugging
Update to alexapy 0.2.1 (fixes and announce/mobile push)

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