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Alpakka Kafka 2.0.6

Release notes in the Alpakka Kafka documentation

Notable changes since 2.0.5

The most relevant change in this release is the update of TestContainers to 1.15.1 (see below)

  • Handle any combination of Committables in CommitObservationLogic #1262 by @seglo
  • Fix message-batch loss when rebalancing partitioned sources #1263 by @jhooda
  • Producer.committableSink: offsets not committed, when MultiMessage is empty #1200 by @herzrasen

Alpakka Kafka TestKit

  • Update default CP version and make docker image/tag configurable #1287 by @seglo
  • Testkit: Make Testcontainer logs visible #1281 by @seglo
  • Testcontainers Kafka 1.15.1 (was 1.14.3) #1257 by @scala-steward
  • TestKit: make consumerDefaults parameterless again #1292


latest releases: v2.1.0, v2.1.0-RC1, v2.0.7...
5 months ago