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Alpakka Kafka 2.0.5

Release notes in the Alpakka Kafka documentation


Alpakka Kafka core

  • RestrictedConsumer: correct deprecation since version #1197 by @ennru
  • Allow typed Actor Systems in SendProducer and DiscoverySupport #1192 by @ennru
  • Deprecate RestrictedConsumer.committed(TopicPartition) #1178 by @seglo
  • Cleanup build warnings #1177 by @seglo
  • Order logging params for RetriableException consumer failures #1168 by @seglo


  • Reduce bloat of log when testsuite log reported in failed travis build #1182 by @seglo
  • Simplify consuming stream for AssignmentSpec "consume from the specified topic pattern" test #1181 by @seglo
  • Cleanup testcontainers docs snippets #1180 by @seglo
  • Cleanup build warnings #1177 by @seglo

Alpakka Kafka Testkit



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