github akiyosi/goneovim v0.6.5
Goneovim v0.6.5

latest release: nightly
13 days ago


  • Fix nil pointer dereference (#430)
  • Fix an issue where triple-clicking did not work properly (#446)
  • Fixed crash after connecting to WSL environment if no executable nvim exists in local environment (#457)
  • Fix an issue where the float window would be out of the correct position if it was resized immediately after it was displayed. (folke/which-key.nvim#345)
  • Fix winbar rows not scrolling during smooth scrolling (#456)
  • Fix detecting goneovim help


  • Downgrade glibc in linux binary
  • Support go module
  • Change config directory detection in windows
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Remove goneovim's statusline features


  • Supports underdouble/underdashed/underdotted text styles
  • Support gitsigns.nvim
  • Add supports the option to scale certain characters to the height of a line. Check configuration option CharsScaledLineHeight
  • Added a configuration item to connect to nvim on WSL by default. Check configuration option UseWSL
  • Add own clipboard provider. The existing Clipboard option will be changed to an option that controls whether this feature is enabled or disabled.

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