github ajenti/ajenti v2.2.0

latest release: v2.2.1
one month ago
  • Add support for Rocky Linux
  • Replace @url decorator with @get, @post, @delete ...
  • Replace deprecated sha1 digest algorithm with sha256.
  • Full breadcrumb in filemanager plugin
  • New option 'force' in ssl config to enable redirect from port 80 to https port
  • Replace deprecated imp with importlib
  • Upgrade to new versions of gipc, gevent and PyOpenSSL
  • Add signout method to perform actions on logout
  • Force latin-1 encoding in url to fix locales problems
  • Implement more shell colons for more languages support
  • Minor fixs in common plugins

Since the support of sha1 is dropped, it's necessary to renew all client certificates in use.
It's recommended to renew the server certificate too.

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