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23 days ago

This is a minor version bump because it deprecates Custom dbt Jobs (more info in this GH Discussion).

2825239 [Source-Postgres] : Toggle useLocalCdk = false (#36739)
fbfae42 📝 Fix misspelling & missing punctuation mark in Pull Request Handbook Documentation. (#36709)
85df776 ✨Source Survey Monkey: Migrate to low code (#35561)
e3f3379 [Source-postgres] : Move to new Kotlin CDK (#36584)
56c35cc add lombok dependencies to all java connectors (#36733)
d3bd9df 🐛 Source Sentry: add time format (#36731)
911d150 bump kotlin to 1.9.23 (#36735)
c380ea4 airbyte-ci: upgrade pytest to 8 (#36682)
fcb5a72 🤖 Bump patch version of Python CDK
4431347 Airbyte CDK: fix file-based deps (#36695)
5f2c3d8 🚨🚨🎉Source GitLab: migrate to low-code (#35989)
14f444e 🤖 Bump patch version of Python CDK
604a2df fix wrong partition key definition after legacy state migration (#36719)
02add5b 🚨🚨 Source Mailchimp: Migrate to Low code (#35281)
1ab6cfe docs: move airbyte api yaml from CDK to docs (#36616)
4a661bb delete source-mongodb v1 (#36700)
a1e4017 Set maxSecondsBetweenMessages value for certified connectors Phase 2 (#36617)

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