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5 months ago

What's Changed

  • Fix parsing regression in 4.3.0 from addition of parsing layer effects by @calda in #2208
  • Remove old animation layer when creating a new animation layer by @junjielu in #2214
  • Add configuration setting to remove animated bounds changes by @thedrick in #2218
  • Change pod dependencies SwiftUI and Combine to weak to ensure compatibility with iOS 12 by @florianrhein in #2219
  • Fix issue where Repeater would be ignored if not at top level by @calda in #2221
  • Replace UIScreen.main to get display scale on iOS 13.0 and later (#2215) by @hyun99999 in #2216
  • Dispatch dot lottie file loading onto a single serial queue by @erichoracek in #2229
  • Clean up unused property in InvertedMatteLayer by @hanton in #2241
  • Fix issue where LottieView animation would restart from beginning after backgrounding app by @calda in #2237

Full Changelog: 4.3.3...4.3.4

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