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13 months ago

Starting in Lottie 4.0, the Core Animation rendering engine is now enabled by default.
Learn more about this change: Announcing Lottie 4.0 for iOS on the Airbnb Tech Blog

What's Changed

  • Added support for Opacity, Position, Scale, and Rotation value providers to Core Animation rendering engine (#2047)
  • Updated minimum macOS version to 10.11 (#2050)
  • Fixed issue where rounded corners algorithm would return incorrect path for shapes without any rounded corners (#1964)
  • Improved dotLottie error handling (#1969)
  • Added support for loading DotLottieFile by name and filename synchronously (#1968)
  • Updated ZIPFoundation to 0.9.16 to resolve dataCorrupted errors (#1978)
  • Fixed issue where ** wildcard incorrectly required matching at least one path component (#1988)
  • Fixed issue where completion handler could be called unexpectedly when setting up animation (#1994)
  • Added LottieAnimationView.allHierarchyKeypaths() to get list of animation keypaths at runtime (#2004)
  • Added a warning when playing animation that uses unsupported After Effects expressions (#2006)
  • Added LottieAnimationView.maskAnimationToBounds configuration option (#2008)
  • Trim whitespaces and newlines before decoding base 64 string to image (#2016)
  • Added support for configuring LottieBackgroundBehavior to Objective-C CompatibleAnimationView (#2027)
  • Fixed issue where Trim could be applied to too many shape items (#2041)
  • Set animationLayer to nil when removing oldAnimation (#2035)
  • Fixed issue where Trim strokeStart / strokeEnd could be rendered in incorrect order (#2049)
  • Fixed issue where calling setValueProvider would reset animation progress (#2052)
  • Fixed issue where trim offset could be calculated incorrectly (#2053)

Full Changelog: 4.1.3...4.2.0

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