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17 months ago

Starting in Lottie 4.0, the Core Animation rendering engine is now enabled by default.
Learn more about this change: Announcing Lottie 4.0 for iOS on the Airbnb Tech Blog

4.1.1 fixes an issue where the lottie-spm package could not be embedded into iOS app builds (#1925), which could cause apps to crash (#1926).

4.1.0 release notes

We've added a new way to integrate Lottie into your project using Swift Package Manager. We now provide a separate lottie-spm repo that is much smaller than the main lottie-ios repo (~500kb instead of ~300mb). Learn more about this change here.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Made DotLottieAnimation attributes optional to simplify Manifest file (#1844)
  • Fix heap buffer overflow in CGColor+RGB extensions (#1858)
  • Add support for display P3 color space (#1857)
  • Add some missing utility to CompatibleAnimationView (#1881)
  • Fix issue where ShapeTransform could incorrectly affect stroke width (#1872)
  • Fix issue where empty trim item would take precedence over non-empty trim item (#1875)
  • Fix issue where some top-level shape items would be silently ignored (#1874)
  • Fix frame setting issue for CompatibleAnimationView (#1878)
  • Gradient Fill Layer: Support strokes (#1818)
  • Change veryLargeRect size to fix issue with masks (#1884)
  • Fix issue where Fill following other Fill would be silently ignored (#1888)
  • Fix issue where negative scale.x values didn't render correctly on iOS 14 (#1894)
  • Fix issue where LottieAnimationView.currentFrame would be incorrect after playing animation with LottieLoopMode.playOnce (#1897)
  • Fix issue where shape items could be applied in incorrect order (#1899)
  • Fix issue where stroke and fill could be rendered in incorrect order (#1903)
  • Fix issue where play(fromProgress: 1, toProgress: 0) animation would not actually play (#1908)
  • Add support for skew animations (#1917)

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