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3 months ago

4.0.1 fixes an issue in 4.0.0 where the install could fail due to issues with Git LFS: #1830, #1834.

We now publish xframework binaries as a part of our release process: #1807 (comment)

Major changes in Lottie 4.0

Learn more about this release: Announcing Lottie 4.0 for iOS on the Airbnb Tech Blog

  • The new Core Animation rendering engine (first introduced in Lottie 3.4.0) is now enabled by default for supported animations.

    • Specifically, LottieConfiguration.shared.renderingEngine now defaults to .automatic instead of .mainThread. Animations that use features which are not supported by the Core Animation rendering engine will automatically fall back to using the original Main Thread rendering engine.
    • When using the Core Animation rendering engine, Lottie animations now always animate smoothly regardless of the amount of work being done on the app’s main thread. This significantly improves animation performance while also eliminating CPU overhead.
    • If you encounter any compatibility issues when using RenderingEngineOption.automatic, please file an issue with a copy of your animation json.
  • DecodingStrategy.dictionaryBased is now enabled by default

    • The new dictionary-based decoding implementation is 2x faster than the previous Codable decoding implementation
    • If you encounter any compatibility issues with this new decoding implementation, please file an issue with a copy of your animation json.
  • Backwards compatibility typealiases for Animation, AnimationView, Color, Vector1D, Vector2D, and Vector3D, which were introduced in Lottie 3.5.0, have been removed to resolve conflicts with types in Apple frameworks. These types are now named LottieAnimation, LottieAnimationView, LottieColor, LottieVector1D, LottieVector2D, and LottieVector3D.

  • The default LottieBackgroundBehavior used by LottieAnimationView is now .pauseAndRestore instead of pause.

  • Lottie for iOS now supports the dotLottie file format.

  • The library's minimum-supported Swift version is now Swift 5.5.

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