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5 months ago

Note: Lottie 3.4.0 added a new rendering engine powered by Core Animation. Please try it out and let us know if you encounter any issues! It will be enabled by default in Lottie 4.0, which we plan on releasing later this month. More information is available in this announcement: #1627

What's Changed

  • Updated Main Thread rendering engine to use warn (print) instead of assertionFailure when detecting unsupported usage of repeaters (#1754)
  • Fixed issue where manually-interpolated shape animations would ignore time remapping (#1757)
  • Added marker duration support (#1749)
  • Updated animationDidSet to be open (#1746)
  • Updated AnimatedSwitch and AnimatedButton to allow overrides of begin/end tracking in subclasses (#1747)
  • Added animateUpdateWhenChangingAnimation flag to AnimatedControl (#1750)

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