github airbnb/lottie-ios 3.4.1

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8 months ago


New features

  • Added configuration: LottieConfiguration = .shared option to more AnimationView initializers (#1654)
  • AnimatedSwitch and AnimatedButton are now accessibility elements by default (#1637, #1639)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where LottieLogger.shared.assertionFailure would unexpectedly crash in -O / release builds (#1665)
  • Fixed Carthage support on macOS (#1641)

Core Animation rendering engine

Reminder: Lottie 3.4.0 added a new rendering engine powered by Core Animation. Please try it out and let us know if you encounter any issues! It will be enabled by default in a future version of Lottie. More information is available in this announcement: #1627

New features

  • Added support for mixed isHold / !isHold keyframes (#1644)
  • Added support for gradients with alpha values (#1634, #1640)
  • Added support for negative speed values (#1660)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where ShapeLayer with no Groups would fail to render (#1646)
  • Fixed issue where some shape fills would be applied incorrectly (#1647)
  • Fixed issue where LottieBackgroundBehavior would unexpectedly be applied even when the animation was paused (#1653)

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