github airbnb/lottie-ios 3.3.0

latest releases: 4.1.3, 4.1.2, 4.1.1...
15 months ago

Full Changelog: 3.2.3...3.3.0

  • Increased minimum deployment target to iOS 11
  • Added Swift Package Manager support for macOS and tvOS (#1428)
  • Added parsing support for layers with no index (ind) property (#1433)
  • AnimatedSwitch and AnimatedButton are now open instead of final (#1431)
  • Fixed issue where shape layers could render at a low resolution (#1436)
  • Fixed issue where AnimationView's transform could animate incorrectly (#1395)

Known issues:

  • 3.3.0 doesn't support Carthage (#1448, fixed on master and in future releases)

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