github ahmadnassri/action-dependabot-auto-merge v1.0.0

1.0.0 (2020-08-05)


Bug Fixes

  • action: should indicate env variables in action.yml (6e70c28)
  • main: index.js should execute as cli (125f36f)



  • action: indicate major version in action.yaml (a8e9902)


  • auto-merge: dogfood (03b822a)
  • dogfood: self use auto-merge (eee24c1)
  • release: add missing ouptputs (2cb0e4d)
  • release: correct JS typos (7021dd1)
  • release: correct letter case for Tests (5835b5a)
  • release: create alias tags for convenience (4b30ca3)
  • release: delete tag before re-creating it (78caee9)
  • release: delete the correct version (eac1002)
  • release: improved aliases (cc92fb7)
  • release: improved github-script (e313d9b)
  • release: use correct release workflow for docker (c7d23d0)
  • release: use github-scripts to just create a tag (0ed3c2a)
  • test: use latest node (8eced0e)
latest releases: v2.4.0, v2.4, v2...
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