github aframevr/aframe v1.2.0

WebXR immersive session and hand tracking fixes!

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Major Changes


  • Fix hand tracking ( (@dmarcos)
  • Fix immersive mode in Chrome for Android and Microsoft Edge. (THREE r125)
  • Don't initialize text mesh until the font has loaded. This prevents the raycaster to intersect prematurely and emit spurious events (#4742) (@quantumalchemy @dmarcos)
  • Fix raycaster overriding line default color (#4743) (@GMartigny @dmarcos)
  • Make sure enter-vr / exit-vr events are emitted when entering fullscreen (#4740) (@stefanhuber @dmarcos)
  • Fix problem with wasd-controls when opening a contextual menu with right click while pressing WASD simultaneously. Camera movement doesn't stop when releasing keys (#4766) (@djoksimo @dmarcos)
  • Fix inspector toggle on US international keyboards (#4516) (@svenkonings @dmarcos)
  • Make sure generic controls have the lowest precedence when vendor specific ones are also defined (#4784) (@fordacious @dmarcos)
  • Fix tests (@dmarcos)


  • THREE r125 deprecates THREE.Geometry


  • Docs improvements (@tete-github @luics @KovacsGG @dmarcos)
5 months ago