github aframevr/aframe v1.1.0

5 years of A-Frame! 🥳

40 amazing A-Framers participated in this release. Thank you 👏

AR, hand tracking, compositor layers, immersive navigation (Quest only), Quest 2 support and much more.

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Major Changes


  • Fix problem with Windows Mixed Reality controller falling to generic model @arpu
  • Fix incorrect values returned by the axismove event on Oculus Quest (#4472) @Sujoy-Ghosh
  • Fix npm run dist command when running in zsh @benallfree
  • Fix wasd-controls easing to prevent sudden position jumps (#4241) @ntamas
  • Replace calls to THREE: getWorld* methods that don't know work in immersive mode (#4521) @NNskelly @dmarcos
  • Fix undetected controllers when using WebXR API @cabanier @Artyom17
  • Fix selectstart / selectend never detected by the cursor component @vincentfretin
  • Fix for duplicated cursor component events (#4494) @binzume
  • Listen to sessiongranted event only if WebXR is available @dmarcos
  • Bump webvr-polyfill to fix magic window mode in iOS 13 (#4554) @jwjordan @dax72 @NomisGnos @dmarcos
  • Fix Gear VR controller detection @vincentfretin
  • Fix spectator camera mode when entering VR mode (#4666) @broehl @dmarcos
  • Fix duplicated cursor component event in VR mode (#4494) @binzume @dmarcos
  • Background component can now be removed (#4676) @NVFedorov @dmarcos
  • Fix screenshot component (#4685) @bknill @dmarcos
  • Add user gesture to start video playback in examples @dmarcos
  • Fix white stripe at the bottom of the screen when exiting VR mode in iOS (#4617) @jgutierro @dmarcos
  • Fix msdf shader compatibility with WebGL 1 devices (Safari iOS) @dmarcos
  • Fix for immersive navigation where the sessiongranted event was not captured @dmarcos
  • Move raycaster collision detection from tick to tock to prevent bogus collisions on first frame @dmarcos
  • Fix for camera pose not correctly restored when exiting VR mode @dmarcos
  • Make sure exit immersive logic runs when exiting AR mode @dmarcos
  • Add vr-mode state to <a-scene> when entering immersive mode with WebXR @dmarcos
  • Fix Valve Index controller button mappings @dmarcos


  • Pass high-performance to the WebGL context to prioritize rendering performance over power consumption @arpu
  • Docs improvements @rotoglup @richardjbaker @klausw @dmarcos @kfarr @majecty @AdaRoseCannon @ngokevin @sonnynomnom @lordbron @da4throux @danbuckland @vikohone @pixelistik @vincentfretin @stefanhuber
  • Code hygiene @Jamesgt @Shalwaban
  • Use new THREE.WebGLRenderer outputEncoding @arpu
  • Make msdf shader WebGL 2 compliant @arpu
  • Valve Index controller support @zach-capalbo
  • Cordova compatibility @benallfree
  • Change look-controls hmdEnable property name to magicWindowTrackingEnabled @dmarcos
  • Improve hand tracking pinch gesture accuracy @cesmoak (#4691)
  • Improve error handling when entering immersive mode (#4660) @federico-camonapp @dmarcos
  • Make text of device permission ui component dialogs configurable @dmarcos
  • Add look controls mouseEnabled property to enable / disable mouse input @dmarcos
  • Add model viewer example with AR / VR and 2D mode compatibility @dmarcos
  • Add user interface example that works in VR, desktop and mobile @dmarcos
  • Make raycaster component line color configurable @dmarcos
  • Add info panel to examples @thedart76 @dmarcos to show instructions, controls and credit authors.
latest release: v1.2.0
7 months ago