github aframevr/aframe v1.0.4

Bug fixes

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  • Reset referenceSpace and controllers list when entering / exiting VR (#4406) @AG-LucidWeb @Artyom17 @dmarcos
  • Fix WebXR buttons mapping for Oculus Go controller @dmarcos
  • Properly remove selectstart / selectend event listeners when XR session ends @DougReeder
  • Apply handedness orientation directly to the hands model (#4388) @dbradleyfl @dala00 @dmarcos
  • Set tracked-controls armModel default to false (#4405) @dmarcos
  • matrixAutoupdate to false on camera in WebXR case (#4383) @liewol @dmarcos
  • Check if headset is connected when ignoring mousedown events (#4380) @AG-LucidWeb @dmarcos
  • Get rid of invalid character in TRHEE build (#4428) @kennardconsulting @dmarcos


  • Dithering property in materials component (#4433) @Firepal
  • Magic Leap Controller Support @atarng-magicleap
  • New high poly, low poly and toon styles for hand-controls @arturitu
  • Listens to WebXR selectstart / selectstart and reemits as mousedown / mouseup. Simple screen input for AR experiences (fix #4407) @dmarcos
  • Use full hash in dependencies to comply with pnpm @pleku
  • Color property in hand-controls @arturitu
  • Docs improvements @d2s @ChicagoDev @dirkk0 @omgitsraven @dmarcos
  • Add API to set WebXR far and near camera planes (#4387) @DougReeder
latest releases: v1.2.0, v1.1.0
18 months ago