github aframevr/aframe v1.0.1

1.0.0 post release bug fixes.

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  • Reintroduce a-asset-item logic to assign response type to glTF models automatically. It now ignores query parameters that made it fail before. (#4219) (@dmarcos)
  • Prevent zoom on enter VR / AR buttons when double tapping on touch screens (@dmarcos)
  • Apply style to reset the enter AR / VR buttons background on mouseleave. CSS Hover is sticky on mobile devices (@dmarcos)
  • Fix magic window mode in Daydream / ARCore Android devices. Use DeviceOrientationControls for tracking. (#4355) (@MK-LucidWeb, @vincentfretin, @dmarcos)
  • Honor model property in laser-controls (#4354) (@dala00, @dmarcos)
  • Reduce video-sphere / photo-sphere radius to prevent far plane clipping in VR mode on Android devices (#4365) (@AntoineLucidWeb, @dmarcos)


  • Improve visual design of modal dialogs (#4359) (@thedart76, @dmarcos)
  • Reinstate WebXR as the default code path for Oculus Browser. Oculus Browser 7.1 now ships the gamepad module (#4360) (@dmarcos)
  • Show alert dialog if the site is served over HTTP (#4357) (@brendanciccone, @thedart76, @mkungla, @dmarcos)
  • Improve text of desktop requests dialog. Change Ok button text to Close (@dmarcos)
latest releases: v1.2.0, v1.1.0, v1.0.4...
19 months ago