github aframevr/aframe v0.9.1

Follow-up fixes and improvements to 0.9.0.

Released Hot Module Replacement loader for A-Frame:

Major Changes

  • Detaching entity from scene will preserve component data. Add
    Entity.destroy() method to clear components and return their memory to the
    pool (#4121).
  • Use controller index to determine left / right controllers which may impact
    cases like Vive Trackers. Will look to make this more robust soon (#4013).


  • Deprecate utils.device.isOculusGo in favor of utils.device.isMobileVR (#4032).


  • Updated documentation guides for 0.9.0.
  • Fix text antialiasing from distance (#4039).
  • Improve vrdisplayactivate path for more robust navigation (#4093, 3c2f68e).
  • Clean up object requested from pool by component to prevent pollution of old keys from other schemas (#4016).
  • Fix initial camera position, rotation, scale potentially not getting applied (#4020).
  • Fix utils.coordinates.stringify for zeroed vectors (#4017).
  • Handle if both WebVR and both WebXR APIs are available (#4022).
  • Handle null device from WebXR (#4030).
  • Catch navigator.xr.requestDevice error (#4035).
  • Fix animation for custom vec3 properties (#4051).
  • Fix sound onEnded not setting isPlaying to false (#4061, #4097, #4101).
  • Fix new materials not getting applied to obj-model recursively (#4062).
  • Fix boolean values in .flushToDOM (#4069).
  • Hide navigation buttons on Android (#4090).
  • Fix Chrome gamepads by checking getGamepads on every tick for Chrome (#4116).


  • Add API to define event handlers that are automatically attached and detached depending on entity lifecycle (#4114).
  • Improve animation error message when passing invalid (#4122).
  • Have Entity.remove detach entity to match HTML element behavior (#4082).
  • Migrate hand-controls model to glTF (#3932).
  • Add shadow.enabled property to shadow system (#4040).
  • Add renderer.alpha property to renderer system (#4040).
  • Add AFRAME.coreComponents for a list of the core components (#4064).


  • Use a fork of anime.js that has memory improvements from Kevin (#4028).
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