github aframevr/aframe v0.7.0

Support for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets and Microsoft Edge and glTF 2.0. Performance improvements to reduce garbage collection cycles.

Major Changes

  • Add support for Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers. (#3013)
  • Add glTF 2.0 support through upgrading three.js. glTF 1.0 is no longer supported. (#2986)
  • Bump THREE to r87. (#2994)


  • Do not resize the canvas in VR which leads to resolution drop (#3031).
  • Fix component build data when previousData is object and a property has a null default value. (#3021)
  • Fix calculating mouse position for embedded scenes. (#2942)
  • Fix missing detail property in a-scene onVRPresentChange. (#2920)
  • Fix updates for the line component. (#2906)


  • Handle vrdisplayconnect and vrdisplaydisconnect events in VREffect and VRControls. (#3019)
  • Allow text component to take a number value. (6cbdac)
  • Handle vrdisplaypointerrestricted event in a-scene. (#3014)
  • Allow decoupling of touch events in look-contols. (#3012)
  • Add support for VR headsets that do not provide stageParameters. (#3000)
  • Moves canvas initialization logic from a component to the scene. (#2985)
  • Listen to vrdisplayconnect and vrdisplaydisconnect to enter and exit VR when headset is plugged or unplugged. (#2900)
  • Add title info to Enter VR button. (#2905)
  • Cursor example improvements. (#2916)
  • Add vertexColors property to base material component. (#2901)
  • Add emissive and emissiveIntensity properties to base material component. (#2896)


  • Optimize tracked controls tick, discovery, and utilities. (#2943)
  • Do not clone attrValue attributes into data anymore to reduce cloning. (#2939)
  • Optimize a-entity code. (#2959)
  • Optimize wasd-controls with early returns and skipping of type checking. (#2945)
  • Optimize vec3 parse utility. (#2947)
  • Optimize component change/initialize events. (#2950)
  • Optimize look-controls by reducing object allocations and skipping of type checking. (#2944)
  • Optimize emit method by removing split/map/callback calls and allocations. (#2941)
  • Save a couple of function callbacks and array creations on each frame. (#2937)
  • Remove inline functions for critical code paths in tracked-controls/raycaster/component for garbage collection. (#2936)
  • Do not update component when data not changed even if skipping type checking. (#2917)
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