github aframevr/aframe v0.6.1

Bug fixes, support for Firefox on Android, mouse-based cursor, enable motion capture developer tools in the Inspector.


  • Add a mouse-based cursor / raycaster, apply to the link traversal example. (#2861)
  • Replace BlendCharacter dependency with ObjectLoader for hand-controls component. (#2876)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix component updates when reusing same object by storing oldData after building component data. Pass undefined as oldData on component initialization for single-prop components. (#2840, #2871)
  • More reliable entity loading order by checking against list of registered elements. (#2873)
  • Bump polyfill that fixes Firefox for Android tracking issue. (#2865)
  • Use attribute for animation color as from if from is not defined. (#2855)
  • Re-add controller events after unpausing scene. (#2879)
  • Fix line component being applied in raycaster when disabled.
latest releases: v1.2.0, v1.1.0, v1.0.4...
4 years ago