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0.6.0 (June 29, 2017)

Link traversal for navigating from page to page while staying in VR. Support
for VR controllers across the board with the addition of Daydream and GearVR
controller components as well as laser interactions. Large performance
improvements around .getAttribute and .setAttribute.

Major Changes

  • Bumped three.js to r84. (#2456)
  • Updated WebVR polyfill to 0.9.35. (#2700, #2818)
  • Removed auto-enter-vr component previously for Carmel debugging. (#2784)


  • Renamed AFRAME.utils.coordinates.isCoordinates to AFRAME.utils.coordinates.isCoordinate. (af3f89)
  • Removed reset sensor keyboard shortcut due to being removed from WebVR API. (#2531)


  • Added support for link traversal. (#1575)
  • Added link component with default portal appearance. (#1575)
  • Added link-controls component in the examples. (#1575)
  • Daydream controller support with daydream-controls, 3DoF support to tracked-controls with head/arm model. (#2538)
  • GearVR controller support with gearvr-controls. (#2545)
  • laser-controls component for responsive controls across 6DoF and 3DoF. (#2678)
  • Added support for cursor component to draw a visible ray or project a mesh onto the intersection point. (#2678)
  • Added origin and direction properties to configure raycaster component. (#2678)
  • Shadow support via shadow component and light properties. (#2350)
  • Implement thumbstickmoved and axismoved for oculus-touch-controls. (#2513)
  • Implement system .update handler. (#2548, #2613)
  • Added controllerconnected and controllerdisconnected events. (#2505)
  • Handle onvrdisplaypresentchange events to enter and exit VR. (#2751)
  • Exposed material.alphaTest and material.depthWrite properties. (#2516)
  • Exposed glTF animations. (#2417)
  • Implemented Component.tock handler called after scene render for future post-processing support. (#1564)
  • Added support for A-Frame being required in a Node environment. (#2476, #2477, #2484, #2492, #2498)
  • Implemented trackpadmoved event for vive-controls component. (#2415)
  • Added response-type attribute to <a-asset-item> to support array buffer responses. (#2442)
  • Automatically set glTF response types to array buffer. (63d2f8)
  • Apply camera.userHeight to controller when no stage parameters (e.g., Daydream). (#2448)
  • Allow unsetting of mixin with .setAttribute('mixin', '') and .removeAttribute('mixin'). (a173509)
  • Allow default lights to be disabled with <a-scene light="defaultLightsEnabled: false">. (#2376)
  • Added panner properties to sound component. (#2374)
  • Added non-positional audio support to sound component. (#2490)
  • Refactored and unit test tracked-controls component. (#2396)
  • Added triangle geometry. (#2573)
  • Cleaned up cursor component when removed. (#2391)
  • Normalized default component values to proper types rather than strings. (#2411)
  • Removed unnecessary touching of THREE.Cache for asset responses. (#2435)
  • Throw error for developer if HTML is opened with file:// protocol. (#2540)
  • Set System.el to the scene element. (#2566)
  • Use isControllerPresent utility rather than checking navigator.getGamepads in order to fake oculus-touch-controls for motion capture. (#2604)
  • Check WebVR API rather than using a dolly to check for positional tracking capabilities. (#2602)
  • Made default cone geometry look like a cone. (#2506)
  • Show error message when loading Inspector. (#2525)
  • Added validation warnings for schema default values. (#2511)
  • Removed timestamps from debug and console messages to reduce noise. (#2550)
  • Use getElementById vs. querySelector for asset property types to be more strict. (#2578)
  • Added developer warnings for primitive mapping names. (#2631)
  • Anti-alias by default on 2D desktop. (#2455)
  • Added support for iOS 10 HLS video streaming. (#2597)


  • Skipped schema type checking when object is passed through .setAttribute more than once to consider it a validated object. (#2679)
  • Made .getAttribute not clone component data object. Now returns raw reference to component data (#2689)
  • Disposed of unused texture objects from memory when no longer used by material component. (#2686)
  • Throttled emitting of componentchanged event on each update to every 200ms. We recommend polling if more critical updates are needed. (#2683)
  • Avoided string.split() in .setAttribute() to reduce memory in array instantiations. (#2674)
  • Removed duplicate asset requests by passing down <img> from <a-assets> and by using crossorigin from the start. (#2544)
  • Changed selector property types to support getElementById. (#2820)
  • Reduced default <a-cursor> segments. (#2821)


  • Fixed hand-controls blend-character animations between hand poses. (#2568)
  • Fixed infinite loop when component .init handler calls .setAttribute on itself. (#2454)
  • Fixed unreliable requestAnimationFrame timestamps by using THREE.Clock in the render loop. (#2471)
  • Fixed error when entity detached while trying to load and then trying to initialize. (#2521)
  • Fixed updating of material.side component. (#2528)
  • Fixed components sharing default array reference. (#2615)
  • Fixed non-recursive raycasters. (#2331)
  • Fixed various issues with sound component. (#2490)
  • Fixed AFRAME.utils.device.checkHeadsetConnected to check VRDisplay.isConnected (for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets). (#2427)
  • Fixed video materials not respecting autoplay and controls attributes, set playsinline. (#2610)
  • Fixed cursor component mouseup event not being emitted if entity no longer intersecting. (#2678)
  • Fixed resetting material texture to null. (#2388)
  • Fixed sound not playing when changing sound source. (#2457)
  • Fixed AFRAME.utils.deepEqual recursion when comparing object with itself. (#2406)
  • Fixed AFRAME.utils.deepEqual when comparing non-Object objects like HTML elements (#2502)
  • Fixed loading of glTF files that did not include a default scene. (#2462)
  • Fixed camera height when re-entering VR. (#2394)
  • Fixed CSS cursor stuck to grabbing in Firefox. (#2684)
  • Fixed tablets not being considered mobile devices in AFRAME.utils.isMobile. (#2309)
  • Fixed AFRAME.utils.coordinates.isCoordinate with scientific notation. (#2475)
  • Fixed pool component initializing twice. (#2407)
  • Fixed error when injecting Inspector. (#2380)
  • Fixed plane geometry segments. (#2499)
  • Fixed grab CSS being applied when look-controls disabled. (#2642)
  • Fixed look-controls enabling and disabling. (#2467)
  • Fixed light targets. (#2715)
  • Fixed setAttribute wiping out DOM-defined data on init. (#2727)
  • Fixed primitives mapping to non-default components. (#2767)
  • Fixed vive-controls component button colors. (#2772)
  • Fixed error if removing component before initialized. (#2713)
  • Fixed booleans when updating component. (#2796)
  • Fixed cursor component not waiting for canvas to load. (#2813)
  • Fixed text component not updating text while font is loading. (#2814)
  • Fixed WebVR polyfill being applied and user height not applied to GearVR browsers. (#2819)
  • Fixed single-property mixins not working with primitives. (#2810)
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