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0.5.0 (February 09, 2017)

0.5.0 contains text, glTF support, patches to enable WebVR record-and-replay
tools, WebVR polyfill updates, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Read release blog post.

Major Changes

  • Bumped three.js to r83. (#2214)


  • N/A.


  • Added text component for SDF and MSDF text. (#2289)
  • Added gltf-model component for loading glTF 3D models. (#2333)
  • Added new hand poses for Oculus Touch controls. (#2191)
  • Attach tracked-controls event listeners even if no physical controllers are
    present. (#2314)
  • Made Entity.removeAttribute(component, property) reset a property value to its default. (#2353)
  • Added AFRAME.utils.throttleTick and AFRAME.utils.throttle utils. (#2189)
  • Changed hand-controls to check for "not Oculus Touch" rather than "is Vive"
    to make hand-controls be compatible with community control components
    (e.g., GearVR). (#2192)
  • Don't cache geometry if merging. (#2255)
  • Allow unsetting of mixins with setAttribute(mixinId, ''). (#2291)
  • Allow access to the screenshot component canvas (#2316).
  • Made stats component UI more readable. (#2313)
  • Added warning of registered components contain uppercase characters. (#2233)
  • Added warning if entity is appended outside of a scene. (#2240)
  • Added warning if geometry merge target is not an entity. (#2243)
  • Removed unneeded object equality check getting called on component initialization. (#2322)
  • Updated VREffect to allow player scaling. (#2328)
  • Added guides to documentation for Using JavaScript and DOM APIs, Using
    with three.js
    , and Writing a Component (58555a, 982f66, 09a606).


  • Fixed low iOS resolution and blur issues. (#2352)
  • Fixed mobile resolution and canvas sizing issues by using WebVR polyfill with
    updated device database. (#2345)
  • Fixed potential Vive controller issues across browsers by loosening the
    Gamepad ID check to only check for prefix. (#2370)
  • Fixed raycaster.interval not being applied. (#2363)
  • Fixed system initialization affecting component updates. (#2367)
  • Fixed unstable version of Inspector being injected on shortcut. (#2364)
  • Fixed vive-controls not tracking. (#2194)
  • Fixed component updates getting called even if data did not change. (#2322)
  • Fixed envify causing issues when installing from npm with a bundler. (c62690)
  • Fixed component updates with setAttribute using data instead of attrValue. (#2184)
  • Fixed coordinate parser when passed null and when trying to override. (#2209)
  • Fixed error when vr-mode-ui is disabled and embedded is enabled. (4607e2)
  • Fixed array property type updates through AFRAME.utils.deepEqual. (#2229)
  • Fixed init and update handlers being called when doing flushToDOM on
    non-loaded entity. (#2250).
  • Fixed disabling of fog. (#2251)
  • Fixed texture offset and repeats. (#2253)
  • Fixed fullscreen not exiting when exiting VR. (#2264)
  • Fixed component pause and remove handlers not getting called on scene detach. (#2302)
  • Fixed multiple look-controls instances colliding. (#2335)
  • Fixed several component properties missing property types. (#2357)
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