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latest release: v7.0.0-rc1
19 days ago

What's Changed

Breaking Changes 🛠

Next Consensus

  • [Ceres] More structured delegation signatures by @hanssv in #4219
  • AENSv2.DataPt should have type bytes() not string by @hanssv in #4233
  • [Ceres] Restrict GAAttachTx - only allowed for fresh accounts by @hanssv in #4237
  • [Ceres] Adjust cost for reading stored value by @hanssv in #4249
  • FATE: AENSv2.DataPt should contain FATE_BYTES by @hanssv in #4255
  • HC/FATE: fix issue when calling Chain.blockhash on a competing key-block by @hanssv in #4263

Exciting New Features 🎉

Bugfixes 🐞

  • DB might contain dict MP trees, convert them in from_db_format by @hanssv in #4239
  • HC: Don't crash if there are no local stakers by @hanssv in #4238
  • GH 4087 http endpoint info inner txs by @velzevur in #4120
  • Fix incorrect hashrate computation for status endpoint by @hanssv in #4272
  • fail gracefully on signed tx in /dry-run by @ThomasArts in #4287
  • Fix typo in aeternity config schema by @davidyuk in #4293
  • GetRecentGasPrices fixes by @davidyuk in #4295
  • Add missed definitions of Contract not found response in swagger by @ThomasArts in #4297
  • Add return_type enums to ContractCallObject, GAObject by @ThomasArts in #4299
  • Fix devmode accounts by changing data/aeplugin_dev_mode permissions by @davidyuk in #4307
  • Fix typo in aect_contracts.erl by @hanssv in #4314

Other Changes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v6.12.0...v6.13.0

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