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  • Saving progress for Epub ebooks #243
  • Play button on playlist & collection table items #666
  • Narrators in search results
  • Podcast episode table sort options #376
  • Series progress to series items #410
  • (Android) EBook downloads and offline reading #187
  • (Android) Sleep timer setting to auto-rewind after restarting an auto-sleep timer #623 by @HStep20 in #692


  • Center play button when locking ui #624
  • HarmonyOS crash #480
  • Discarding progress for downloaded media #646
  • (Android) Reset volume when shake to reset sleep timer #626
  • (Android) Auto sleep timer start/end time window #648
  • (Android) Out of memory causing fallback to transcode #227 by @maltejur in #649
  • (Android) Desktop widget not updating #658
  • (Android) Removing progress check when pressing play that was causing delayed seeking
  • (Android) Sleep timer getting set to time remaining #659
  • (Android) Delete empty author folder when removing item #701
  • (iOS) Transcoding


  • Play buttons on item pages show Play/Pause instead of disabled and showing Playing/Streaming #697
  • Podcast episodes show episode number, season, type and support html description #677
  • Use raw cover on library item page #634
  • Audio player play method visibility #706
  • Podcast episodes on home page do not show an episode number if it is not set (matches web)
  • (Android) Download raw cover image #634
  • (Android) Remove auto-open most recent listened item (fixes #532)

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