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During the public release on 24th of January, we will also create a proper changelog with a migration guide from AdonisJS v5 to AdonisJS v6. Even though the new version is public on npm, please do not install it until the migration guide is out.

Please consult the following releases to view the list of breaking changes and new additions.


  • chore: publish under the latest tag 31668b7
  • Merge pull request #4335 from adonisjs/next b7f8547
  • ci: update workflow file name 22f8e40
  • docs: update badges urls 66e96c7
  • Merge branch 'develop' into next 4d2026f
  • test: remove optional importer param 2f53731
  • test: do not use withCoreProviders method internally 05d56dd
  • chore: cleanup dependencies 9613852
  • refactor: remove ace shell child process runner 0a45d5b
  • feat: export types for helpers exported from poppinns/utils eeb31cf
  • refactor: remove deprecated type helpers usage 7b43060
  • chore: update dependencies 72fe65c
  • chore: update dependencies 87c2554
  • change: add PATCH as a default method for CORS headers (#4244) b5f0606
  • Update app.txt (#4169) 617200b
  • docs(contributing): fix content table link (#4085) a83daa3
  • Update (#4069) 0ae2620
  • fix: default hasher mismatch fix (#4005) cbd734e

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