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Integration for VineJS

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pre-release12 months ago

This release adds an integration for VineJS with following new primitives

  • The file validation rule to validate AdonisJS bodyparser files
  • The request.validateUsing method to validate request data using a VineJS validator.


  • fix: define history file path for repl history 27b8a16
  • feat: add vinejs file validation rule 88ffa2c
  • feat: add request.validateUsing method to use VineJS validators ae9159d
  • refactor: remove unused files 9351a98
  • chore: update dependencies 394756a
  • style: format file 44780ff
  • chore: update tooling-config and prettier to v3 1a993a3

Full Changelog: v6.1.5-8...v6.1.5-9

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