github adonisjs/core v6.1.5-6
New features and some bug fixes

latest releases: v6.12.1, v6.12.0, v6.11.0...
pre-release12 months ago


  • Add REPL
  • Update test command to be compatible with Japa@v3.
  • Add installPackages helper in configure command.
  • Except environment when creating preload file
  • Rename make:prldfile to make:prelaod command.

Bug fixes

  • Update process exitCode when commands end with errors


  • test: disable timeout on installation tests 95d4e0e
  • ci: enable pnpm installation flag when running tests 261b6c3
  • ci: fix yml errors e84020f
  • ci: fix yml errors d721d8b
  • ci: setup pnpm before running tests 89ca51a
  • test: assert for commands exit code 7a736aa
  • test: use npm to install packages 873e84b
  • refactor: add verbose mode in configure command bcaabfa
  • ci: drop debug logs for failing tests 3160388
  • chore: update assembler 3cacde2
  • fix: remove unused imports cc14a0b
  • refactor: types for environments in make:preload command 4a3e150
  • feat: add make:exception command 461dbc5
  • refactor: cleanup code 434de82
  • feat: add support for all Japa flags dac1c9d
  • test: add tests for the repl environment switch af6daf9
  • chore: update dependencies f734ec3
  • refactor: terminate app when repl server exits 6280815
  • refactor: repl methods do not return promises 8925770
  • refactor: simplify exports mapping 705befb
  • feat: prompt environment in make:preload file (#4187) d590a31
  • feat: add Configure.installPackages method (#4188) 7bbb486
  • test: place log message in failing test 8b4f172
  • test: force exit tests 4bb0027
  • test: remove log statement from flaky test 0536cd8
  • test: place log message in failing test 13d92d2
  • test: increase timeout for all tests for the build command 93ada89
  • chore: install repl from npm 401967c
  • test: fix failing tests 7686998
  • feat: implement repl command 2e65be1
  • chore: update dependencies 7682cf7
  • refactor: terminate app when long lived command exits 9e335ee
  • refactor: update process exitCode when command staysAlive and terminates later c3047c4
  • refactor: pass assets bundler args to assembler 1bf7c59
  • refactor(test command): remove ignoreTags flag 2501875
  • refactor: make improvements to the serve and test commands 6cc409c
  • chore: update dependencies 29f6201
  • refactor: enable source maps f73c8c2


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