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Improvements and some breaking changes

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pre-release6 months ago

Breaking changes

This release moves installPackages and listPackagesToInstall methods from the ConfigureCommand to Codemods class. As a result, existing packages using these methods to configure themselves will fail (until they are updated as well).

Rename container:resolved event to container_binding:resolved.


  • Add importAll helper in REPL. This allows importing all TypeScript files from a directory and assign the output to a variable.
  • Add isCuid method to check if value is a string formatted as a CUID.


  • feat: add importAll REPL helper 434faf6
  • refactor: handle usecase when configuring a non-existing module 11c5448
  • refactor: export isCuid helper method 12d852a
  • refactor: commands description, flags and aliases 45d8134
  • chore: update assembler 4a98cae
  • test: cleanup tests 26cf77d
  • refactor: move all configure command actions to codemods module 1e608ab
  • feat: allow creating validator for a resource 3bc53d1
  • refactor: rename container:resolved event to container_binding:resolved 5ea7676
  • refactor: rename preload stubs directory name a6ab2f4
  • feat: export ace codemods 4a8643d
  • feat: allow injecting Emitter, Application and Repl classes 4333db2
  • chore: update dependencies e337d0d

Full Changelog: v6.1.5-33...v6.1.5-34

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