github adonisjs/core v6.1.5-32
Improvements and a couple of new features

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pre-release8 months ago
  • Add support to define action names when making a new controller. This is how command looks like node ace make:controller index show
  • Defer loading commands of an application, when the executed command is known and part of any installed package
  • Toggle usingVineJS and usingEdgeJS flags when respective service providers are imported.
  • Add an easy to use API to register middleware on a resource.
  • Add codemods to register a Japa plugin
  • Breaking changes in Events buffer API -
  • Make registered transports inherit level from the logger level.


  • ci: disable timeout for configure command fd23026
  • ci: update node versions 06fe56a
  • chore: update dependencies fc287aa
  • chore: update peer dependencies 239f32a
  • feat: report duration of starting the web process via ignitor 4e10ffd
  • feat: add --force flag to force create files during configure command 2a029bb
  • refactor: toggle usingVineJS and usingEdgeJS flags inside their service providers 8988cbb
  • feat: allow defining actions for make:controller command d6a29fe
  • refactor: experimental defer loading app commands when commandName is known e2d03e1
  • chore: update dependencies ba4faad

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