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Breaking changes

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pre-release9 months ago

The following breaking changes only impact you if you are using the Alpha release. We have communicated with the alpha testers with in-depth post related to the following breaking changes.

  • Use config providers for the hash config
  • Remove YAML front matter from stubs
  • Remove HTTP service provider


  • fix: register edge templates under metaFiles to be copied in prod build 2e3fff4
  • test: increase codemods timeouts 164775e
  • test: increase codemods timeouts c304024
  • fix: export hash drivers helper 9ecf151
  • fix: typing issues 0ec2dee
  • chore: update peer dependencies range 0b99ef9
  • chore: export hash/phc_formatter 03eb01c
  • refactor: remove stubs factory from the core main factories export c714b64
  • refactor: share emitter with the BaseEvent class 0f75edd
  • refactor: export env/editor fd6234a
  • fix: module augmentation code 70d4871
  • refactor: merge http_service_provider with app_provider 6c247fc
  • refactor: get rid of drivers collection and use config providers 819b5bf
  • refactor: update stubs to use newer exports API cb9b434
  • chore: update dependencies 9dc8520
  • fix(stubs): use "import type" when possible (#4259) 5f1d994
  • chore: pin swc version 6974d65
  • fix: do not overwrite inline error reporters and messages provider 17a2b3a

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v6.1.5-26...v6.1.5-27

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