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Preparing for v6

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pre-release17 months ago

Alright, so a lot has changed. Lemme try to summarize it.

Breaking changes


  • The package is pure ESM and will not work with CommonJS projects
  • The imports have been re-written and structured differently.
  • The static server hook has been removed in favor of the package.
  • The cors server hook has been removed in favor of the package.
  • The HttpExceptionHandler has been moved to the @adonisjs/http package.
  • There is no REPL as of now, because Node.js in REPL mode does not support using import expressions. So we need some time to see how to structure REPL

Test utils

  • Remove testUtils.ace().loadCommands helper method. Ace commands will be loaded when attempting to run a command.


Ignitor internals have been changed a lot and are made a lot simpler. The public facing API is still the same, however some of the internally used public methods have been removed. You need to consult the code, if you were using them.


  • No need to generate ace manifest anymore.
  • The commands can have top level imports relying on the container.
  • The providers can have top level imports relying on the container
  • Added scaffolding commands to the core. No need to install assembler for that
  • Add commands to eject scaffolding templates and modify them
  • Make config files typed using defineConfig helper methods.


  • fix: convert scaffolding commands printed filename to use unix slashes a8c8adf
  • docs(README): update docs 0d19d82
  • test: reset process.exitCode after test finishes 6daf683
  • test: fix breaking tests 8e1df5c
  • test: move assertions around for debugging failing tests ee6b916
  • test: add test for pretty print error a593bb3
  • chore: update dependencies e37756d
  • feat: add commands and validator d3e3271
  • feat(testUtils): add "createHttpContext" helper method 984ed53
  • refactor: improve commands description ad18595
  • refactor: remove unncessary stubs bd9f547
  • chore: add peer dependencies on argon2 and bcrypt efb72a1
  • feat: a bunch of new stuff dba019c
  • chore: update dependencies de7efc0
  • feat: add ace and test setups, plus lots of refactor 3d93683
  • refactor: types and add drivers to hash drivers collection 19d6ac6
  • refactor: a few more improvements to get core ready for v6 f6a612b
  • refactor: prepare for v6 c65b379

Full Changelog: v5.9.0...v6.0.0-0

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