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Setting the base for testing

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2 years ago

This release sets up the base we need in order to integrate with Japa. Also an additional module TestUtils is added that can be extended by other packages to add utilities required for testing only.

In the next release, we will unfold the entire testing experience and also document it

  • refactor: add tests/bootstrap.txt template 9aad57f
  • feat: add missing path to ace types b57ac2e
  • chore: update dependencies 51df2a3
  • feat: add test utils for testing applications 0648803
  • feat: expose AppKernel via ignitor class f795ab2
  • refactor: cleanup application bootstrap process 7b7ed08
  • style: fix linter errors in templates (#3491) 103debc
  • docs: Fixed link for (#3490) e612653
  • refactor: reorganize meta config 283cac2
  • chore: update dependencies 0d02df2

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