github adonisjs/core v5.1.0
Preparing for the final release

latest releases: v6.12.1, v6.12.0, v6.11.0...
3 years ago
  • chore: update publish tag to latest 25890c1
  • refactor: remove return statement, since exiting process already 86dc781
  • test: fix breaking tests 0886329
  • improvement: use ctx.logger inside exception handler for reporting errors c15dbe4
  • chore: update dependencies 2ef92fc
  • docs(ISSUES_TEMPLATE): typo in (#2311) c5fbac4
  • test: write required tests for the assets manager a18969c
  • feat: add version property to the assets manager 6885945
  • feat: add assets manager 22f7d26
  • chore: update dependencies 989f83c
  • chore: update contact links c7d6ddd
  • fix: add templates back 2729aae
  • chore: remove templates added via UI a45f659
  • chore: update gh templates 4708335
  • chore: update dependencies 3787353


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